Meet Soujourn Leadership



Zach Martinez




Zach Martinez is new to the Mennonite tradition, but he has found its commitment to peace and justice inspiring. A Colorado native, Zach's hobbies include hiking, biking, and walking his dogs. He and his wife Megan, and their daughter Margot live in Greeley. He earned a BA in Philosophy from the University of Northern Colorado and a Master of Divinity from North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago. He has been with Sojourn since 2016. Zach enjoys drinking coffee and craft beer, especially with friends. His email is



Christine Maslin-Cole


Chris first attended a Mennonite church in 1998 when her then 4-year-old son asked “What is God”? Looking for a church to help answer that question, she was drawn to the Mennonite values of living simply, loving God, and working to serve others.  Chris is a Licensed Psychologist in private practice in Fort Collins, a  former professor at CSU, and a former manager of behavioral health services for several local institutions. She volunteers with One Village One Family and the street outreach team through Homeless Gear of Fort Collins.  She and her husband Ray have one adult son.



Carrie Manley


Carrie and her family have been with Sojourn for over five years. She was brought up in a Unitarian household, but has also spent many years in a more conservative church. Today she finds a perfect balance with the Anabaptist setting of Sojourn.  Carrie is passionate about social justice and immigration issues. She volunteers regularly around Northern Colorado.   Carrie enjoys  knitting and reading. She is also fond of hiking and traveling with her husband and teenage daughters.






Kevin was raised Catholic, but started attending the Mennonite church in his hometown in middle school on his own. Kevin grew up in western New York and has been steadily migrating westward with his wife, Jewel, and kids, Calvin and Helen. Kevin volunteers with The Matthews House and works as a data analyst for Colorado's Division of Parks and Wildlife, which is what brought him to Fort Collins. Kevin has been attending Sojourn since 2017. Kevin enjoys playing with his kids, hiking, and spending a healthy amount of time doing nothing at all.



Connie Shelley

Connie is a lifelong Mennonite and a founding member of Sojourn. She graduated from the Center for Spirituality at Work Spiritual Formation Program in 2001, where she is currently on the teaching staff, and has been doing spiritual direction in the Denver Women’s Prison for the past 15 years. She is also a current member of Spiritual Direction Colorado, a committee that offers an annual conference and workshops to bring spiritual wisdom to all. Connie has served on the leadership board of Mountain States Conference, and  she currently serves on the Sojourn worship committee.