Our regular worship is complemented by small groups that are an integral part of our congregational life. Groups generally meet twice per month with each group deciding its own meeting time. Group meeting length is typically 90 minutes. Our vision is that these groups will help strengthen our relationship with God and also nurture our personal relationships within Sojourn. Groups also are one of the ways that Sojourn is unleashed in our community.

Group offerings do change over time as new opportunities/calling for new ministries emerge. If you might wish to participate or try on a small group, please call pastors Susan or Steve, or talk to any one of Sojourn participants.

Participating in a group can be an important entry point to try on our faith community, as some choose to attend a group, but not worship, or vice versa. As we grow larger, some groups may choose to meet one time per month, depending on participant’s schedules. In other words, there is flexibility.

We have had five groups meeting in this past year: An Inquirers Group, which explores faith issues of being a Mennonite Christian; a Spiritual Direction Group, which explores personal spirituality; an Immigration Small Group which is searching for ways to be informed and active on this issue in our community, and a Men’s Breakfast Group. In the past year we also held a small group focused on the creation of individual life mission statements; this group was well attended and considered a blessing for the participants, and may be offered again in the near future.